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Manage Subscriptions

This guide walks you through the features of "Manage Subscriptions", where you can provide access to APIs, manage subscription status, and more.

The Manage Subscription feature allows you to track API subscriptions at both the individual and organizational levels. With this feature, you can view plan details, filter subscriptions, select the API environment, manage keys, and view sample requests.


Only a user with community manager or admin role can create subscriptions. To learn more, see create subscriptions

Under "Manage Subscriptions", there are two views:

  • Provider view: In the provider section, you can create, manage, and cancel subscriptions, as well as perform other tasks such as changing subscription status, etc.

  • Consumer View: In the consumer section, you can see the status of your subscriptions. For more information, see Manage Subscriptions.

Provider view

Create subscription

To create a subscription, go to Manage Subscription and click on Create Subscription. For more information, see Create Subscription.

Create subscription

View Subscriptions

You can view API subscriptions across all the organizations you're a user of and have access to.

You can filter these subscriptions based on the following:

  • Subscription Type: You can view APIs accessible to you at an individual or group level.

  • Subscription plan status: You can view Subscribed and unsubscribed APIs.

  • Status: You can filter APIs based on their status i.e. accept, reject, close, etc. For more information, see Subscription Status.

Manage subscription overview

Attach policies

You can attach policies to the API. However, you first need to create an API gateway policy. To know more, see Gateway Policies.

To attach policies to API, follow the below steps:

  • Click on Attach Policy
  • Enter the name of the policy
  • Select the policy and click on Save

Attach policy

API environment

During the onboarding process of the API, the API developer can add various API environments and grant access to these environments through API Subscriptions. You can also select and modify the API Environment from the manage subscription. These environments can be useful for internal users to test the API. From here, you can specify which API environment the user should have access to.

To change the API environment, follow the below steps:

  • Click on View
  • Click on Keys and Environment
  • Select Environment

Subscription details