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API Groups

API Manager lets you create subscriptions for APIs so users can consume them by subscribing to one of the plans. Those subscriptions apply on both the API level and the group level. The group level is also known as API Groups. These API Groups allow you to group APIs per requirement. For example, putting the same type of APIs together, such as payments, loans, and credit cards.

And to these groups you can apply a subscription that would be applied to all the APIs in that group. In addition, you can create and attach gateway and monitor policies to the group, and the APIs present in that group will inherit those policies.

API Group Workflow

To create API groups and accomplish all of these, you can utilize the API Groups functionality of the Manage APIs. This functionality allows the api-product-manager to monetize their APIs as well as ensure the security and usage of the APIs.

In the API Groups window, you get the list of all the groups created with the number of APIs present in them and what the subscription status is.

Accessing API Groups

Furthermore, you can search the groups, edit them, and create new groups by clicking the Create API Group. To utilize the API Group functionality, visit the following articles: