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How to create an API group

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create an API group. By using groups, it’s easier to apply subscriptions to the APIs and attach different security and usage monitoring policies. To learn more about groups, visit API Groups.


Before you proceed with the following steps, ensure you’re a user with the role of platform-admin or api-product-manager.

Steps to create an API group

To create an API group, you need to:

  • Access Manage APIs → select API Groups.

Accessing API Groups

  • Click, Create API Group.

Create API Group Button

  • In the popup shown:
    • Enter API group name
    • Add description
    • Then, turn the Subscription Status toggle Disable to Enable to make the group available for subscription.


Fields with asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Creating an API Group

  • Once done, click Create.

API Group Created

This will create a new group and it will start to display in the API groups’ list.