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Application Details (APIs, keys and description)

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to view details of the Application. The details include:

  • APIs present
  • Applications Keys
  • Subscription Tryout Keys
  • Options to change:
    • Application Name
    • Application Description

Application View

By following the below sections, you can easily access the details and options mentioned above.


For API Partner Organization, the user role must be Owner or api-consumer to follow the below instructions.

How to view APIs

To view the APIs present in an Application, do the following:

  • From the API Manager home screen, go to the Manage APIs → select Application.

Accessing Application Functionality

  • Then, go to the View column and click  for the Application you need to view the APIs.

Accessing View Options

  • A new window will open with details of all the APIs present.

APIs in the Application

  • You can use the search option to find the APIs in the application. If you need to delete an API, simply click next to it.

Deleting APIs from the Application

  • Then, confirm your decision by clicking Delete in the popup shown.

How to view Keys

To view the Application Keys, you need to:

  • Click  for the Application you need to view the Keys.

Accessing View Options

  • Then, switch the window by clicking Keys.

Switching to Keys in the Application

  • The Keys window provides you with:
    • X-Yappes-Key - required to validate requests entering the Yappes Platform
    • Public Key - unique subscription key generated for the consumer which needs to be passed as ‘’X-Yappes-Key” header in each transaction
    • Private Key - for Message Signature policy

App Keys Details

In addition, you can copy the keys by simply clicking the

How to regenerate ‘X-Yappes-Key’

You can regenerate the ‘X-Yappes-Key’ whenever necessary. For instance, you have shared the X-Yappes-Key with a consumer whom you don’t want to provide further access for the requests validation. You can delete the application, but it would affect all the APIs present in the Application. To categorise the APIs for the Tryout, one needs to create a new application and run the Tryout Operation again for each API to add them to the newly created Application.

Hence, to avoid this situation, you can regenerate the X-Yappes-Key. To do so:

  • Click  for the Application you need to regenerate the X-Yappes-Key.

Accessing View Options

  • Then, switch the window by clicking Keys.

Regenerating Keys

  • Go to the Applications Keys → X-Yappes-Key → and click the

This will regenerate the X-Yappes-Key.

How to change the details

In order to change the details of the Application, such as Name and Description, you need to:

  • Click  for the Application you need to change the details.

Accessing View Options

  • Then, switch the window by clicking Details.

Accessing Application Details

  • Here, you get the fields as:
    • Application Name
    • Description

Updating App

  • Apply your changes as needed, and once done, click Update.

This will change the details of your Application.