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Create Subscriptions

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for creating subscriptions for APIs.

On Yappes, you get the option to create API Subscriptions in the following cases:

  1. Onboard API: When onboarding the API, the API developer can create subscription plans that will be visible in the marketplace. These are self-service subscription plans. To learn more, see Onboard APIs.

  2. Manage Subscriptions: An API provider can also create a subscription under "Manage Subscriptions". This allows them to create a custom subscription for any individual or organization across the Yappes platform. To learn more, see Manage Subscriptions.


The subscription plans created under Manage Subscriptions are not visible on the marketplace and are only provided to selected users or organizations.

Create Subscription

Users with a community manager or admin role can create subscriptions. To create a subscription, filter the APIs and API consumers at the desired level.

Follow the below steps to create a subscription:

  • Go to Manage Subscription
  • Click on Create Subscription
  • Select the API Type
  • Select the Consumer Level
  • Click on Create

Create Subscription

API Levels:

  • API Level: Users can create a subscription for an individual API.
  • Group Level: You can provide access to multiple APIs in your subscription plan using group API. See Group APIs.

Consumer Level:

  • Individual: Provide API subscription to a user.
  • Organizational Level: Provide subscription to an organization.
  • Internal: Search the internal organization you are creating the subscription for.
  • Partner: Search the API partner organization to grant subscription access.

Subscription status

Once an API consumer selects a subscription plan or you start the plan or create a custom subscription, the subscription will appear under "Manage Subscription".

When a subscriber selects a subscription plan, the status will appear as "Initiated". If an API provider starts the subscription, the status will show as "In progress".

The possible subscription statuses are:

  • Initiated
  • In progress
  • Accept
  • Reject
  • Close

Accept Subscription

Edit Subscription

If the API consumer request changes or if you have updated your API pricing then, instead of creating a new subscription for your existing users, you can simply edit their current subscription plans under "Manage Subscription".

  • Click on View Icon
  • Click on Edit

Edit subscription

Stop Subscription

To stop subscription plans for users, go to the Manage Subscriptions section. The user will receive a notification confirming that their subscription has been stopped.

  • Click on Eye Icon
  • Click on Stop Subscription

Stop Subscription