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Publish an API(s)

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to publish an API that you’ve onboarded to the Yappes Platform. If you haven’t onboarded an API, follow the instructions on the Onboard API. Otherwise, move to the steps mentioned below.


Before you proceed with the steps, ensure you’re a user with the role of platform-admin or api-product-manager from an Internal Organization.

In order to publish an API, you need to access the unpublished APIs list and for that:

  • Go to Manage APIs → select My APIs.

Accessing My APIs

  • Then, go to the Edit column and click

Editing an API

  • It will open the API details page. Here:
    • Click Publish
    • Then select the Changes as Minor, Major or Patch

Publishing an API

  • After selecting the Changes, click Publish. This will publish the API, and you can view the Unpublish button. When you go back to the My APIs window, you can see the Status changed to Published.

Published API In the Llist

Furthermore, it can be found in the API Listing of the Marketplace.

Published API In the Marketplace API Listing

You’ve successfully published the APIs. These are all the steps you need to follow to publish an onboarded API.