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Manage Users

The Admin Console offers seven user roles that admins can assign to users across different organizations. Two of these roles are specifically designed for API Partner organizations. Each role mirrors the responsibilities of a specific job function within the platform.

For example, the API Developer role grants access to onboard APIs and create subscriptions, but not publish them. Publishing remains the domain of the API Product Manager role. This workflow applies specifically to users within internal organizations.

Let's understand the following roles and their ability to access the platform in different ways. There are two types of users on the platform:

  1. Internal Users - These users belong to Master and Internal organizations and can have six different roles assigned to them.
  2. API Partner Users - These users belong to API Partner Organizations that use consume APIs and can have three different roles assigned to them.

Roles are designed to provide users with relevant access of the API Manager. All users are assigned the API Consumer roles by default. An admin can provide the following roles to the user:

create org

Master Organization Roles:

Users of the Master Organization can be given access to all available roles, including the platform admin role.

  • Platform admin: Access to all the features.

Internal Users

These are users who are part of the master organization and have access to an API Manager instance to develop and publish APIs in a silo.

  • Owner - The user with this role can access API listing, subscribe a plan, check APIs subscribed to, create and manage .
  • API developer - They have the ability to onboard APIs, access consumer view for subscription management, check subscription subscribed to, edit unpublished APIs, manage endpoints, depricate API versions, and more.
  • API product manager - This role can publish the APIs, create subscriptions, sets rules and policies, and monitors data and analytics related to all the APIs.
  • API community manager - This role is responsible for creating API Partner Organization and managing API vendors and entities that want to consume the API using our platform.
  • API consumer - This is the default role given to all invited users. They have access to consume the APIs.

The following table depicts better overview of the actions related to user roles:

Actions Owner API-Product-Manager API-Developer API-Consumer Community-Manager
Onboard APIs
Edit Unpublished APIs#
Publish APIs##
View Marketplace APIs
Bookmark APIs
Marketplace Tryout Operation
Subscribe a Plan
Access Provider View Manage Subscription^
Access Consumer View Manage Subscription^^
Check API Subscribed to
Create & Edit API Partner Organization
Create Applications
Regenerate Application Keys (X-Yappes-Key)
Edit & Delete Application
Delete Application APIs
Create & Manage API Groups
Create Shared Resources
Edit & Delete Resources
Create &Manage Gateway Policies
Add Monitors
Update Monitors Liveliness Check
Create & Manage Monitor Policies
Create & Manage API Reports


(#) The user can edit the name, description, environments, logo, tags, endpoints, README and license, authentication, API monitor, Policies and subscription plans; and deprecate versions and run tryout operations.

(##) The user can publish the APIs, change ownership, decommission and delete the APIs.

The platform-admin can perform all the actions mentioned in the above table.

(^) The manage subscription Provider View lets users create subscriptions, stop subscriptions, change subscription status, access subscription keys and attach gateway policies.

(^^) The Manage Subscription Consumer View lets the user make a sample request, regenerate the Subkey for Sample Request, rate and Download the API document.

API Partner Organizaton Roles

In API partner org, you can only invite new users.

  • Owner - The owner is the community manager or an administrator who has created the API partner organization.
  • Subscription owner - This role is for users Who own the API subscriptions.
  • API consumer - This is the default role given to all invited users. They have access to consume the APIs.


The same user cannot update their user roles in the Admin Panel.

Types of role-based access

Access to the API manager features depends on the role assigned to each user.

Please note that when a user's role changes, they will need to log out and log back in to the API Manager in order to see the updates. To learn more about the features, please visit the API Manager

Role based access API Listing Manage Subscription API Partner Organization My Subscriptions Application API Groups Shared Resources My APIs Policy Gateways Monitor & Policies Reports
Platform Admin
API Consumer
API Developer
API Product Manager
API Community Manager