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The API Manager offers a different set of options within Manage APIs that are essential for onboarding the API(s) and managing them. Among many, some are only available when you onboard the API(s.) However, by utilizing them, you create a thriving environment for developers and consumers to easily discover the APIs and subscribe to them.

The options you get are:

  • API Logo

    Add a custom logo image for your API to personalize its discoverability in the marketplace.

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  • Marketplace Tags

    To categorize APIs and enable easy discoverability, you can add tags to the APIs created in the marketplace tags.

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  • Version Depricate

    Depricate API versions that are no longer appropriate for future use.

    Depricate Versions

  • Endpoints

    Add and manage API endpoints with custom headers, query parameters and response schema.

    Manage Endpoints

  • API Authentication

    Add authentication parameters to run the API Tryout Operation.

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  • Tryout Quota

    The Tryout Quota is the limit one can utilize to run the Tryout Operation for an API.

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  • Readme and License

    Add readme and license for the API to define usage and ownership rights.

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