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Generate a report

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to generate an API report. An API report allows you to consolidate all the essential API-related information in a single document. To learn more about Report, visit Reports.

In order to generate an API report, do the following:

  • Go to Manage APIs → select Reports.

Accessing Report

  • The Reports window will open with the following options:
    • List of APIs
    • Search bar
    • Organization filter

Select APIs in Reports

By default, you’d see all the APIs present in the master organization if you’re also part of the master organization with the platform-admin role. Therefore, using the filter option, you can list the APIs according to the organization for whose APIs you need to generate the report. To generate the API report:

  • Select the API(s).
  • Then, click Generate PDF.

Generating API Report

  • A dialog will open with the report generation job id.

Saving Job ID

  • Save the id and click Done.

Check the status and download the report

By following the previous steps, you can initiate the process to generate a report. Now to download it:

  • First, you need to switch to Track Jobs.
  • Then, look for the job ID you received.
  • Once found, check whether the status is Failed | Success | In Progress

Tracking Reports Job

  • If it’s In Progress - you need to wait for the task to be completed.
  • If it is Failed - you need to generate the report again.
  • If it’s a Success - the report is available for download.

Download Report Option

  • Simply go to the Download section and click

The report will be downloaded or open in a new tab.