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README and License

The Yappes API Manager lets you add README and license details for your API(s) when you onboard it. These details allow the provider to define APIs usage and ownership.

The README file contains information about the API’s functionality, how to use it, any dependencies or requirements, and examples of API requests and responses.

The license file allows you to define the terms and conditions under which the API can be used. It specifies the rights and restrictions imposed on the users of the API, ensuring compliance with legal and intellectual property considerations.

Including both a README file and a license file helps establish clarity, transparency, and proper usage guidelines for the API.

If you need to add/edit the README or license details of the onboarded API, follow the below steps:


The following steps require platform-admin, api-product-manager or api-developer user role.

  • Access Manage APIsMy APIs

Accessing My APIs

  • Click for the API you need to add README and/or License.


If the API is published, unpublish it first, then follow the below steps. Visit, Unpublish API.

  • Scroll to the bottom, then:
    • Add details for the Read Me
    • Then, for the License

Added README and License Details

The README and license info could be like the following:

TODO: README and License Example

  • Once added the details, click Save.

The added README and license details will be accessed by the user in the API Listing.