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Deleting an application

In the tutorial, you’ll learn how to delete an Application you’ve created.


If you no longer want to group APIs into a particular application and want to clear the Application list, then deleting the Application is appropriate. However, if you’re thinking of recreating the Application and adding the APIs into it because you no longer want to use the previous X-Yappes-Key, then in that case, deleting the Application is unnecessary. You can regenerate a new X-Yappes-Key for the Application while keeping all the APIs intact without needing to create a new Application.

To delete an Application, follow the below steps:

  • From the home screen, go to Manage APIs → select Application.

Accessing App

  • In the Application window, click for the Application you need to delete.

App View

  • Then, switch to Details.

App Details and Delete

  • Click Delete Application.


If the Application is associated with APIs, ensure that all the APIs are removed from the Application before deleting it.

Delete Consumer App

  • Select Delete in the popup shown to confirm deletion.

This will successfully delete the Application from API Manager. Users can no longer use the X-Yappes-Key associated with it.