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Key Concepts

This document provides a comprehensive overview of the key concepts and roles in API Console, specifically in the context of API Manager. It covers everything from understanding user roles and their permissions to the workflow for internal organizations, and the importance of marketplace tags. This document will help you navigate the platform more effectively.

User Roles

There are 7 types of user roles available on the Admin Console that can be assigned by an admin to users across different organizations. Out of these seven, two roles are specific to the API Partner organization.

Each role is designed to reflect the responsibilities of a specific job. For instance, the API developer role grants access to the platform for onboarding APIs and creating subscriptions, but does not allow the user to publish the API. Publishing the API is the responsibility of a user with the API product manager role. This workflow applies specifically to users within an internal organization.

Now, let's explore the different roles and their respective platform access abilities.

Master Organization Roles

Users invited to Master Organizations have access to all available user roles, including the platform admin role.

  • Platform admin: Has access to all features.

Internal User Roles

  • Owner: The user who creates the internal organization automatically becomes the owner of the organization.
  • API developer: Onboards API, attach policies, add tags, and more.
  • API product manager: Creates subscriptions and publishes the API.
  • API community manager: Creates subscriptions, partner organizations, and invites users.
  • API consumer: Consumes the API.

API Partner Roles

In an API Partner Organization, you can only invite new users.

  • Owner: The community manager or an administrator who created the API Partner Organization.
  • Subscription owner: The person who purchased the subscription.
  • API consumer: The person who uses the APIs.

The workflow for internal organizations.

To publish APIs on the marketplace and allow users to consume them, you need to have users with the following three role types in your Internal Organization:

  1. API developers: They are responsible for onboarding the APIs.
  2. API product managers: They handle the publication of the APIs.
  3. Community managers or administrators: They create partner Organizations and invite users to consume the APIs on the marketplace.

By default, external users have the API consumer role.


The resources of internal organizations are not accessible to any other organization, including the master organization. However, users within the internal organization can access APIs published by the master organization.

Marketplace tags

The Marketplace is designed for users to discover, evaluate, and subscribe to APIs. One of its key features is the ability to find APIs based on tags. When onboarding an API, a user needs to select a tag. However, users cannot create tags on the API manager; only an admin can create tags from the Admin Console.