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Change details and subscription status, and delete a group

In this guide, you’ll learn how to change the details of an API group as well as remove APIs and policies, disable subscription status, and delete the group. Follow the instructions mentioned in the below sections to perform these actions effectively.


Before you proceed with the following sections, ensure you’re a user with the platform-admin or api-product-manage role.

Change details and subscription status

An API Group is accessed by the product manager, and each group is created to put the same type of APIs together. Or to apply subscriptions and policies to all the APIs present in a particular group at once. The details of a group allow the product manager to understand its use, and if you need to change that for various reasons, then simply follow the below steps that cover updating details as well as subscription status.

In order to change the details and subscription status of the API group:

  • Go to Manage APIs → select API Groups

Accessing API Groups

  • Click for the API group you need to change the details.

Accessing API Groups Editing Options

  • Then, select Group Details in the window that opens.

Accessing Group Detials Options

  • The Group Details window lets you:
    • Change Group Name
    • Change Description
    • Turn Subscription Status from Disable to Enable and vice versa

Updating API Groups

  • Make changes per your requirements and once done, click Update.

Remove APIs and policies

In order to remove APIs or policies from a group, you need to:

  • Access API Groups
  • Then, click for the API group you need to remove APIs or policies.

Accessing API Groups Editing Options

  • By default, the API window opens. If you need to remove APIs:
    • Go to the Add to group section
    • Uncheck the APIs that need to be removed.

Removing APIs from Group

  • Once done, click Update.

If you need to remove policies (gateway or monitor):

  • Switch to either Gateway Policies or Monitor Policies.
  • Then, go to Attach to group.
  • Uncheck the policies you need to remove.

Detaching Policies from API Group

  • Once done, click Update.

This will remove the APIs and policies from the group.

Delete the group

If you need to delete an API group that’s no longer required, you can follow the below steps:

  • Go to Manage APIs → select API Groups.

Accessing API Groups

  • Click for the API group you need to delete.

Accessing Edit Options

  • Then, switch to the Group Details.
  • Click on the Delete Group button.

Deleting a Group

  • Click Delete in the popup shown to confirm the action.

This will delete the group from API Groups.