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Configure Mail

On the Yappes platform, automated emails are sent based on user actions in the Admin Console and API Manager.

To enable the delivery of these emails, you need to connect an email server in the Mail Config section of the Admin Console. These auto-generated emails include invitations, invoices, and login failure notifications.

Yappes Admin Console Mail Config Screen

You can do following actions in Mail Config:

  • Setup default emails, such as Send to Email, BCC and CC.
  • Setup Email Servers, such as SMTP Server, SMTP Port, SMTP Password and Username.
  • Setup Communication Email From.

By setting up all these things, you ensure that the emails are sent successfully and all platform users get necessary updates without fail.

Configuring Mail Servers

To connect to your email server, follow the below steps:

  • Go to the Mail Config option available in the sidebar.

Accessing Mail Config Options

  • On the Mail Config screen, you find the options as:

    • Email Defaults.
    • Email Server Settings.
    • Communication From Email Address.

Mail Config Options

  • To configure the mail server settings:

    • First, go to the Email Defaults section.
    • Then, enter the emails for Send Email To, Default BCC and Default CC. (These email addresses will get the email whenever there's an issue on the platform. The issue(s) can be Password change, API error, gateway error, etc.)
    • After adding the email, click Update.

Updating Email Defaults

  • Now, scroll down to the Communication From Email Address.

Communication From Email Address Section

  • Here:

    • First, enter the Send Email From address from which you want to send the automated emails to the default emails you have configured above and users' emails.
    • Then, enter the First Name and Last Name.
    • Once you're done with all of the fields, click Update.

This will configure your Send Email From. Now, the last step remaining is to set up the email server for the Communication From Email Address. To do that:

  • Go to the Email Server Settings section.
  • First, enter the Smtp Server details.
  • Then enter the details of your Smtp Port.
  • After that, enter the Username.
  • Onced you have added the username, enter the Smtp Password.
  • If the Email Server is SSL secured, check the Is Secured.

Setting Up Email Server Settings

  • Once you complete all the details, click on the Test Configuration. A new window testing the connection will open.

Testing the Email Server Configuration

  • If you get the message, Email Server Configuration Successful click the Update button.

Successful Email Server Configuration

That's it; you've successfully configured your mail servers for the platform.