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Tryout Quota

Before subscribing to an API, developers or consumers can test it by running the Tryout operation. Running the operation consumes resources, and, if there’s an unlimited number of tryouts available, it invites unfair and inefficient resource allocation. However, using the Tryout Quota option in Yappes, providers can control the usage of their resources and prevent abuse or excessive consumption.

Quota limits help in maintaining the performance and availability of the API for all users, as well as managing costs and preventing resource wastage.

If you need to set a tryout quota, follow the below steps:


The user role required to follow the steps is platform-admin, api-product-manager or api-developer.

  • Access Manage APIsMy APIs

Accessing My APIs

  • Click for the API you need to set tryout quota.


If the API is published, unpublish it first, then follow the below steps. Visit, Unpublish API.

  • Scroll down to Try out quota and:
    • Enter the Number of transcations
    • Then, select Quota Period: Daily | Monthly

Setting Tryout Quota

  • Once set the quota, scroll down and click Save