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Billing Configurations

You can generate invoices for users who have subscribed to your API offerings on the API Manager. The billing cycle is same for all subscibers and the charges are based on their API usage. Once the billing cycle is complete, an invoice is sent to the user for the charges incurred during that period.

Additionally, you can set an invoice due date. This is the last date for users to pay their subscription charges. If the payment is not made by the due date, the user's subscription to the APIs will be canceled.

Billing config

Billing config example

Let's say the monthly billing cycle end at 28th of each month, then an invoice is generated for each user based on their usage during that month. The invoice due date is set as the 10th of the following month. Users must pay their subscription charges by the 10th to continue accessing the APIs.

This billing system ensures that users are billed accurately and have a clear deadline to pay their charges.