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API Logo

In the API Manager, while onboarding the API, you get the option to set a logo for it that gets displayed in the API Listing of the Marketplace. By adding a logo, you can reflect the identity of the API to represent the organizational perspective.

After adding the logo and publishing it, the API in the marketplace looks like the following:

API Logo In the Marketplace

In order to add a logo to an API, you need to edit an onboarded API if it’s not already published. If the API is published, then first, unpublish it and follow the below steps:

  • Access Manage APIs → then select My APIs.

Accessing My APIs

  • Click for the API you need to add the logo.

Editing an API

  • Scroll to the API Logo section and click Upload.
  • Select the logo image and upload it.

Adding Logo to the API

This will add the logo to the API. Now, scroll down and click Save. After this, you need to publish the API to add the API in the API listing and view the logo.