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Manage APIs

For modern websites and applications across platforms and devices, APIs are a key component, and enforcing API management enables teams or organizations to optimize their interface usage. It’s the process of creating, testing, publishing, and managing API relationships within an enterprise and multi-cloud setting.

To streamline this, the Yappes API Manager provides tools allowing developers to manage several stages of the API lifecycle, specifically deployment and monetization while optimizing resource consumption and enforcing security rules.

Yappes API Manager Features

Using the Manage APIs functionality of API Manager, one can effectively onboard APIs, publish/unpublish APIs, make versioning of APIs, decommission APIs, group APIs, configure environments, and enforce other core components to ensure successful and convenient API management that includes tracking, monitoring, and controlling the APIs usage used in various applications within internal or external organizations.

The key features of Manage APIs functionality under Yappes API Manager:

  • Onboarding: Users with the platform-admin>, api-developer or api-product-manager role can onboard new APIs by configuring environments, defining endpoints, and setting up tryout quotas, subscription plans, policies, and licenses.
  • Publishing: Users with the role of platform-admin> or api-product-manager can publish, unpublish, and change the API ownership.
  • Deletion: Unnecessary or deprecated APIs can be safely deleted or decommissioned from the platform. The platform-admin or api-product-manager role is required.
  • Grouping: Put the same type of APIs into groups to apply universal subscription plans, gateway policies and monitors.
  • API Resources: Under this functionality, one can create shared resources that apply robust security measures to protect APIs and control access.
  • Reporting: Users can document their APIs, providing detailed information on usage, parameters, and responses.

Manage APIs components

Manage APIs components

With the Manage APIs functionality, users can streamline their API management process, ensuring smooth integration and efficient utilization of APIs across their applications. The components it includes are:

  • My APIs

    To onboard new APIs, get a high-level overview of the published and unpublished APIs, make changes to APIs and access other core API management functionalities, you can utilize the My APIs component of Manage APIs. In addition, it lets you filter the APIs present in the organization based on different Marketplace Tags and statuses.

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  • Application

    API tryout at Yappes requires yappes-keys that users can access through applications. The Application component allows them to create those applications and Tryout the APIs while onboarding or subscribing to them.

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  • Shared Resources

    The Shared Resources functionality allows you to create TLS certificates so you can enforce the added security of HTTPS to the APIs while onboarding them.

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  • API Groups

    Put your APIs into groups, and apply gateway and monitor policies to every API present in the group. Furthermore, make them available for subscriptions you create using the Manage Subscriptions functionality.

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  • Reports

    Generate PDFs of the APIs that include their user information as a whole.

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