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Custom Subscription

One of the key features of Yappes is the ability to create custom subscriptions for your APIs. This feature allows you to provide tailored access to your APIs based on the specific needs and requirements of API partners or consumers.

Follow the below steps to create a custom subscription.

  • Go to Manage Subscription
  • Click on Eye Icon
  • Click on Change Status
  • Select Status from Dropdown
  • Click on Create Subscription
  • Select the API Type
  • Select the Consumer Level
  • Click on Create

Custom subscriptions

Use case: API Partner Custom Subscription

Imagine you have a partner organization that wants to integrate your API into their system. However, they have specific requirements in terms of the number of API requests they need and the charges associated with those requests. In this scenario, you can create a custom subscription for the API partner that aligns with their needs.

The Custom plans will not be visible in Marketplace.

  1. Transaction Type: You can set a limit on the number of API requests to meet the partner's requirements. For example, you can create a custom subscription with a limited transaction type that allows the partner to make up to 1000 API requests per month.
  2. Plan Name: Give the subscription plan an appropriate name that reflects its purpose and features. For instance, you could name it "API Partner Pro - 1000 Requests/Month".
  3. Transaction Limit: Set the transaction limit to 1000 requests per month to accommodate the partner's needs.
  4. Transaction Period: Select the transaction period, day, or month, within which to make the API requests. In our case, the Partner wants to consume 1000 APIs every month.
  5. Charge: Determine the charges for the subscription plan that are agreeable to both parties. For example, you can set the charge to $50 per month for the API Partner Pro plan.
  6. Currency: Choose the currency in which you want to charge the partner for the subscription, such as USD.
  7. Extra Transactions: If the partner exceeds the transaction limit of 1000 requests, you can define additional charges for each extra call made. This encourages the partner to manage their API usage efficiently or upgrade to a higher subscription plan.
  8. Expiry Date: Set an expiry date for the subscription plan to define the duration of the partnership agreement. For example, you can set the subscription plan to expire after 6 months if it's a short-term collaboration.

By creating a custom subscription tailored to the API partner's requirements, you provide them with a flexible and cost-effective solution.