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Creating an Application

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create an application so that you can try out an API successfully. To learn more about the Application, visit this page. Follow the below steps to create an Application in the Yappes API Manager.


S. No. Requirements
1. Platform-admin, owner, api-consumer, api-product-manager, community- manager or api-developer User Role if you’re an Internal Organization’s part.
2. Owner or api-consumer User Role if you’re an API Partner Organization’s part.

Steps to create an Application

Before you create an application, ensure you meet the above requirements. If you do, then move on to the steps.

Step 1 - Access Application

To create an application, you need to access the Manage APIs’ Application functionality in API Manager. So, to do that:

  • From your home screen → go to Manage APIs → select Application.

Accessing Application

  • It opens the Application window that includes the Default Application and other different applications available if already created, and other details as:
    • Application name
    • Number of APIs
    • Last Updated - when the application was used or edited
    • View - to learn more about the application

Application Window

Step 2 - Create an Application

On the Application page:

  • Click Create Application.

Accessing Create Application Options

  • Then, in the popup shown:
    • Enter the Application Name
    • Enter the application Description
    • Once done with the above, click Create

Create Application Popup


Fields with asterisk (*) are mandatory.

The newly created application will be added to the Application’s list, as you can see in the following screenshot.

Newly Created Application

Step 3 - Tryout the Application

In the Application’s list, the newly added application won’t have any APIs. To add API(s) to it, you need to run the Tryout operation. Follow the instructions mentioned in the following articles to learn how to try out an application:

Once you tryout the application, your Application will start to reflect that API in its list. That’s it; you’ve successfully created an Application. To learn more about it, visit other related topics available in this guide.