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Creating a policy (w/edit and delete)

In this guide, you’ll learn how to create a Gateway Policy. Creating and attaching a gateway policy to an API allows you to apply granular control over the API Requests. Visit Gateway Policies to learn more.

By following the below sections, you can create a gateway policy as well as edit and delete it.


Before you proceed with the following instructions, ensure you’re a user with the platform-admin, api-product-manager role.

Steps to create a policy

From the home screen of your API Manager account, go to Gateway Policies.

Gateway Policies

Then, in the window that opens:

  • Click Create Policy.

Accessing Create Policy Options

  • A new Create Gateway Policy will open. Here, you need to:
    • Select a Policy Type - Blacklist IP Address | Whitelist IP Address | Throttling | Message Signature
    • Enter the Policy Name
    • Enter the Policy Description
    • Then, enter the policy values

Create Policy Dialog


Fields with asterisk (*) are mandatory.

  • If you select Blacklist IP Address or Whitelist IP Address, you need to:
    • Enter IP Address

Adding IP Address

The IP address should be an absolute value or in CIDR format, for example:,

  • If you select Throttling, you need to:
    • Select the Duration - Hours | Minutes | Seconds
    • Then, define the Number of Requests

Setting Throttling Duration and Number of Requests

  • If you select Message Signature, you need to:
    • Define the Signature Type

Signature Type for the Policy

The signature type could be like the following example:

Signature Type Example TODO

Once you complete all the fields for the appropriate policy type, click Create.

New Policy Added

The policy will be created and added to the list.

Edit a policy

In order to edit a policy:

  • Click for the policy you need to edit.
  • Then, make changes in the popup shown.
  • Once done, click Update.

Editing a Gateway Policy


You can only change the policy name, description and values. You cannot change its type.

Deleting a policy

To delete a policy:

  • Simply click the for the policy you need to delete.
  • Then, click Delete to confirm the action.

Deleting a Gateway Policy

This will delete the policy. However, before you do that, ensure deleting it won’t affect any present API(s).