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How to create an organization

An admin can create different organizations for users to work together or consume APIs. The process of setting up an organization on the Admin Console is easy.

  • You can create two types of organizations:

    1. Internal Organization: This is for users under the master organization who work on the same APIs.

    2. API Partner Organization: For external users to consume APIs.

Internal Organization

  • To begin, first access the Organizations tab from the home screen.

Accessing the Organizations

  • Then, simply click on Create Organization button.

create org

  • A Create Organization popup will be shown with different fields. Do the following to create an Internal Organization:
    • Enter the Name and Description.
    • The Type is already set to Internal Organization.
    • Click the Create button.

Create Internal Organization

API Partner Organization

The process for creating both types of organizations is similar. The only difference is that for API Partner organizations, you need to provide the billing address since it is an external entity.

When the Create Organization popup appears, do the following:

  • Enter the name of the organization.
  • Enter organization description.
  • Selet Type as API Partner Organization.
  • Click on the Add Billing Address option to open the address fields.

API Partner No Billing Fields

  • Add the address.
  • And then, click Create.

API Partner With Billing Fields

You have created your organization successfully and can find it in the Internal or API Partner Organization section as per its type.

Newly Created Orgs

Now, as the organization has been created, you can invite or add existing users to it.