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Locked Users

Yappes platform function on dedicated security procedures so brute-force attacks cannot gain unauthorized access to individual users' data, APIs and organizations created.

Under the security procedures, a user's access to the platform gets blocked after three failed login attempts. Once a user's account access has been locked, only a platform admin can unlock it.

Failed Login Attempts and Account Locked Notification Email Account Locked and Failed Login Attempts Notification Email

A system email is generated to notify users about their failed login attempts.

How to Unlock Users

To unlock the account, the user needs to contact the platform admin. The platform admin can view the list of locked users in the Admin Console under Locked Users.

Unlock user

In order to unlock a user(s), follow the below steps:

  • On your Admin Console, go to the Locked Users functionality.
  • Find the user you need to unlock.
  • Go to the Unlock column and click .
  • In the popup, select Unlock.

And this will unlock the user.