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Change User Roles in Organizations

Yappes provides fixed roles for every Organization. Below are the details

  • owner - User with this role will have full access to Organization feature.This role enables user to modifiy Organization details, Invite and Remove users, Change roles for the users, Change Ownership of the Organization(Created by the user) and Delete the Organization.By default the user who creates the Organization will be assigned with this role.
  • api-reader - User with this role can only view(Read) the APIs associated with the organization.By default all the invited Users will be assigned with this role.
  • api-creator - User with this role can create new APIs and also read other APIs associated with the Organization. This role needs to be assigned by the owner.

In the following section let see how we can change the roles of an user who is the member of an Organization. Ownership change can be done only under the Owner Settings tab which will be covered in detial in the section TBD.

  1. In this Organizations View Page, You can find the invited users under the people tab  
    Note: When you try to invite a user to the organization as default, user are assigned role as ''api-reader''.

  2. Under the People tab, you can find the Edit Button under Action Column on the user row.  
    Note: You Must have the role as Owner to see the Edit Button and give permission to change the role of the users.

  3. When you click the button it will open the pop up with the values User Email,Roles (as a dropdown)

  4. You can change the user role from user api-reader to api-creator.  
    Note: As Default user is assigned role as api-reader.

  5. After successful changing of the role, you can see the user role under the people tab. (which is changed from the api-reader to api-creator).

  6. In the next section, we will see how to Change Ownership of an Organizations in detail.