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Invite User to Organizations

Organization owner can invite other Yappes users to be part of the Organization.

Each invited user will be automatically added as part of the Organization with the default role as api-reader.

Organization Owner can later remove the user from the Organization as well. Now let us see how we can invite users to the Organization.

  1. After clicking the Organization setting button you are in the Organizations View Detail page. Here you can find the INVITE USERS button under the people tab

  2. Click the INVITE USERS button and it will open the popup with an input box

  3. Search the user and select the user from the dropdown.

Note: Here you can add multiple users to the invite

  1. After selection user click the button ADD SELECTED USERS from the pop-up

  2. Once the user association is successful, you find the invited user under the people tab Note: The default invited user has the role as api-reader and the only owner can change the role of the invited user

  3. In the next section, we will see how to change the user roles in an Organization in detail.