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Create and Manage Team in Organizations

Yappes provides the Oranization owner to segregate the users based on the funciton they server. The segregation is implemented in the form of Teams. Under Teams, owner can add or remove user who are are part of the Organization.

  1. On the Organizations Detail View page, you can find the tab called Teams.

  2. When you click the Teams tab for the first time it shows the following message as (No Team Members are Available).

  3. Click the button ADD NEW TEAM.

  4. It will show the popup and Enter the Team Name and Team Description.

  5. After adding the Team Name and Team Description, Click ADD Button. After the successful submission, it shows the following popup.

  6. Under the Team tab, you can find the Name of the Team.

  7. You can click the Edit button, it will open a new view with team details.

  8. In this view, you can edit team details and add users to the team.

  9. Edit the team details click the button UPDATE.

  10. On the successful update, it shows the following popup

  11. To add users to the team Click the button ADD USERS

  12. It will open the popup and search the user you want to add to the team and select the user from the dropdown  
    Note: You can add more than one users through this popup

  13. Click the button ADD SELECTED USERS.

  14. Successful operation will give the following popup

  15. After that, you can see the Team member from the team details tab with UserName, User Email and Actions.

  16. In the next section, we will see how to Change Organization View in detail.