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Organizations Create/Edit

Users can access the Organization feature under thier dashboard. Under the Organization tab, there will be two views.

  • Owned Organization - Organizations created by the current user.
  • Member Organization - Organizations where the current user is member of. We will see this funcitonality in detail under the section TBU.

  • To Create a new Organization Click the ADD ORGANIZATION Button.

  • It will open the popup with Organization Name and Organization Description.

  • And Click the Button Named ADD.

    If the Organization created successfully. The user can see the Success Message Popup...!!

  • And you can find the newly added organization under the Owned Organization tab along with view statistics like number of People, Teams and API associated with the Organization.

  • You can edit the Organization Details by clicking the setting button on the top right of the Organization card.

  • In this Organization View, you can find details about Organization, People, Teams, Roles and Setting.

  • If you want to edit the Organization details click the button EDIT ORGANIZATION.

  • It will open the popup with the Organization Name and Organization Description edit the modal and click UPDATE.

  • If the update is successful it will show the successful popup.

  • In the next section, we will see how to invite a user to the Organization.