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Organizations Change Ownership

User with the role owner will have access to the settings tab which comprises of two major functionality which needs to be used in caution.

  • CHANGE OWNERSHIP - This feature is used to change the ownership of the API from current user to other user in the Organization with role as api-creator.
  • DELETE ORGANIZATION - This feature enables owner to delete Organization which permanently removes team and Organization details.Removes all the association with users and APIs.

In the following section we will see in details about the afore-mentioned feature.

  1. To change the ownership of the Organization click the tab name Setting.

    Note: Before transferring the ownership of the Organization to someone check the user whether the person is part of the Organization or not.
    Also, you must have the role as an owner in that Organization.

  2. Here you can find two different buttons named CHANGE OWNERSHIP and DELETE ORGANIZATION

  3. Click CHANGE OWNERSHIP button it opens the popup.

  4. In Input box search for the user whom you want to change the ownership of the Organization.  

    Note: The user must be the part of the Organization and the role as api-creator. (If you are an owner of the Organization and you want to change the role Follow this link)

  5. Select the user from the dropdown and click on CHANGE OWNERSHIP Button. In confirm box click Yes.

  6. After the redirection, If you go and check in the Organization dashboard tab under the Owned Organization, You can find the message as following You are not owning any Organization. Click on 'Add Organization' to create one.  

    Note: If you're having only one Organization otherwise it will disappear from Owned organization tab to Member Organization tab.

  7. When you click the Member Organization Tab it shows the you are the member of that Organization. This is means you have successfully changed the ownership of the Organization to someone who is the part of the organization as the role of api-creator.

  8. In the next section, we will see how to manage the team on Organization in detail.