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Associate API with Organizations

Yappes provides the Organization feature to organize and manage the APIs in a controlled manner. In the previous section we have seen the different funtionalities as part of the Organization. Now we see how to associate and disassociate an API with respect to Organization. One API can be associated with only one Organization.

  1. In this section, We are going to see how to associate API on the time of creation.  

    Note: For associating API with the Organization, You must be having owner or api-creator role in that Organization. Only you can associate API with your owned organization.

  2. On the time of clicking Add API button it will open the popup with the dropdown New API and Existing API.  

    Note: For New API and Existing API the Procedures are same for associating of API with the organization.

  3. For this let us consider creating New API and associating it with an organization.

  4. Select the Organizations from the dropdown and Enter the details about the API Name, Description, Availability and click on submit.

  5. After a successful submit, you can see the API is associated with the organization.

  6. When you scroll down you can see the Important Block along with the buttons CHANGE OWNERSHIP and DELETE API.  

    Note: You must have the role as owner of the associated Organization to see this block.

  7. Following we see how to associate an already created API with the organization.

  8. When you click the Button View It will open the View API details page.

  9. You can see the details about the API Name, Base URL, Description, Availability and Organizations Drop Down.Click the dropdown and select the Organization Name.

    Note: If API is not associated with organization You are able to see the Dropdown, otherwise you can only see the associated Organization name.

  10. After the successful UPDATE, you can see the associated organization name on right to the organization label

Next we will see how to Add Gateway Policies.