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Yappes provides capability for users to organize and manage the APIs in a controlled manner.

The controlled nature is delivered via the feature Organizations where the user can create, update, delete Organizations and also map users, associate APIs and teams.

Each organization has been enabled with RBAC(Role-Based-Access-Control) sets powered by fixed roles owner, api-reader and api-creator.

In the following section and its subsections, we will get in detail about how we can use the Organization feature.

  1. The user can navigate to the Organizations section under Yappes Dashboard.

  2. Click on Organizations tab, It will list user owned organization and user member organization.  
    Note: if you don't have any organization it shows the following message in Owned Organization tab (You are not owning any Organization. Click on 'Add Organization' to create one) and Member Organizations tab (You are not a member of any Organization)  

  3. You are not owning any Organization. Click on Add Organization to create one
  4. Member Organization tab list the organization in which you are a member with role api-reader or api-creator.

  5. In the next section, we will see how to create an organization in detail.