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Manage Deal as a Provider

Under this section we will see how an User as an API provider can manage the Deals.

  1. To select a particular deal, click on Detail button of a deal.

  2. After clicking, it will display all the deal details like Deal Name(Consumer UserName/API Name), Consumer and Status. Status can be changed only by the API Provider and not by the API Consumer. Status for deals can be changed by selecting the dropdown. Different status for a deal are :

    • In-progress
    • Closed
    • Rejected
    • Deal Accepted

  3. Also, Provider can have a real time chatting with the Consumer.

  4. Provider can start the Subscription of the API once the status is Deal Accepted, which we will be discussing in detail in the section [API Subscriptions]

  5. In the next section, we will see how to manage deals as a consumer.