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Manage is the important section where both API Providers and Consumers can manage all their artefacts.

  1. APIs
  2. Applications
  3. External Organization
  4. Collections
  5. Deal Room
  6. Subscriptions
  7. Review & Ratings
  8. API Usage
  9. Monitoring and Policies
  10. Policy
  11. API groups

  1. My APIs - Using this tab API Provider can manage all of their APIs.

  2. Application - This tab allows the provider to manage all Application created by the user. We will see application in detail in the section Application

  3. External Organization - This tab allows the community-manager, product-manager and platform-admin to manage the vendor/partner.

  4. Collections -This tab allows to manage all the collections and to edit those collectionns

  5. Deals section allows to manage all deals for both providers and consumers which will be discussed in detail in the section. Manage deals

  6. Subscription tab allows the consumers to manage all their subscriptions which will be discussed in detail in the section. Manage Subscriptions

  7. Review and ratings allows providers to view reviews and ratings of their APIs which will be discussed in detail in the section. Reviews and Ratings

  8. API Usage allows to keep a track on the usage of your API.

  9. Monitoring and Policies -Under API monitoring one can attach trackers to endpoints of an API ,Do livilenss check and real-time check.This tab also allows to manage monitoring policies.

  10. Policy- tab allows to add new policies and to edit them.

  11. API groups - section allows to manage all repective API groups.and also to create new groups.

  12. In the next section, we will see how to manage applications.