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API Terms and Conditions

API Provider can use this section to mention their Terms and Conditions to use the APIs.

It is provided as rich text format which makes the user to provide all kinds of formatting or beautification to his/her APIs.

  1. You can type in or copy & paste the T&C related to your APIs.You can format the text in the way as you need.
    • There are various options provided in Text editor for formating.e.g H1,H2,H6,Bold,Italic,Underline,align,etc.
  2. After completing the terms and condition you can save it for the further use.
    • Save - Click on save ,Once you completed the Terms and conditions.
    • Update - If any editing is done, it can be save by clicking on the Update button.
  3. After this we will see about /Readme Section of an API.