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Create Deal for Individual API

In this section, we will see how to create a deal for an individual api .

  1. Deal room is located under the Manage section as a tab Manage Deals.

  2. Click on the New Deal tab, which will load the deal creation view.

  3. Now select the api deal type as Individual Api , select the api and select the consumer (organization/user) for which you want to create the deal and click on Submit.

  4. After you created a deal it will appear in the deal list with the date and time it was Created On and by default Status will show in progress. To change the status Click on the Other icon.

  5. Now the provider will be in the deal Chat-Room where the provider and consumer can negotiate and chat.In this step the user can change the Status "in-progress" to closed , rejected or deal accepted according to the consumer's requirement by clicking on Status and then click on Update.

  6. Once the Status updated to deal accepted the provider can view Start Subscription button to create a subscription.

  7. Now click on the Start Subscription button to start the subscription. Where the user will be able to view two types of plans.

    1. Available Plans

    2. Custom Plans

    The user can Subscribe to an Available plan created while onbording the API or the user can create a Custom Plan.

  8. To create a Custom plan click on Custom.

  9. Enter all the details for your plan and click on Create & Subscribe.

  10. Now the price plan and subscription is added successfully .

  11. Now the provider can view and update Subscription Details by click on View Subscription Details .

  12. The provider can update the Environment and can view the Keys inside this.

  13. In the next section, provider will understand how create deals for api group.