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Create a New API

It is very easy to create a new API to our Yappes platform.

Steps workflow for Creating New API

  1. Create New API with Name,Baseurl & a short description.
  2. Set up of enviornment details for development, test & production.
  3. Add tags & subtags
  4. Add Endpoints
  5. Publish

Detail Steps to create a new API

All the APIs will be managed under Dashboard which we will study in detail in the section What is in My Dashboard?.

  1. Login to the Yappes Application
  2. Click on the Dashboard Link or Click on the BUILD YOUR API in Homepage.

  3. My APIs will be highlighted. In that Click on the API button. This will open a pop up window

  4. From the pop up window select New API and click on Proceed button.

  5. Once the API type is selected, it will prompt for the API details which we will cover in the next section