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Consumer Subscription

Consumer Subscription tab is used to manage your subscribed individualAPIs / APIs groups as a consumer. The consumer can view the individualAPIs / APIs Groups details , keys and sample request.

  • Under Manage navigate to the tab Consumer Subscription

  • Consumer can view the individualAPIs / APIs Groups Subscription details on clicking Subscription details button.

  • You can toggle between individualAPIs and APIs Groups Subscription details using API Deal Type drop down, also can be filtered according to a particular organization.

  • In this model, you can see 3 tabs namely

Details Keys Sample Request

  • Details

    In the details tab, you can see details regarding the Subscription Plan and time.

  • keys

    In the keys tab you can see the public and private key details.

  • Sample Request

    In the Sample Request tab you can see the curl command and download swagger2.0/api definition.(To download swagger2.0/api definition click on the dropdown next to download and select the file to downlaod using the button.)


  • In APIs Groups subscription details(Sample Request)you can choose the API to get its corresponding curl command using the dropdown next to Selected API.