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API Ownership Change

By default, the Creator of the API is the Owner of it.

The owner has the facility to pass the ownership of API to other user in the platform.

If the API is not associated to any organisation then the ownership can be given to anyone in the platform. Otherwise, the ownership can be given to the member of the organisation only (member should have role as api-creator).

  1. User Should click on Dashboard and then select the API by clicking on the View button.
  2. Scroll Down in the API Details tab, User will be able to see the Delete API and Change Ownership in bold red colour.
  3. On pressing the Change Ownership button, modal will be opened.The user should enter the emailid of the respective user for whom the ownership will be passed on to.
  4. After selecting the emailId, click on the button CHANGE OWNERSHIP.
  5. After clicking the button, User will be prompted with a confirmation message Are you sure want to Change the Ownership of the API?
  6. On Successfull Ownership Change user will get success response.
  7. After this we will see How to Create a New API?