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Application Keys

Under the keys section the users can manage their Application-keys.

Whenever the User signs up to our Yappes Platform, Default Application will be created with two different keys

  • Production Key
  • Testing Key

By default the current active environment will be Testing.If the keys are compromised or misused, they can always be regenerated using the REGENERATE button.

Below is the Process for handling the application-key

  1. Consumer needs to set the Current Active Environment.

  2. When triggering a request, the consumer needs to add the key associated with the environment as a header key x-yappes-key

  3. Our Yappes platform will validate the key and process the request accordingly.

Every request entering the Yappes platform are validated for the application-key (x-yappes-key).Consumers needs to send the application-key in their request as x-yappes-key header value.

In the next section, we will see all the APIs related to an Application.