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API Details

At the initial steps the user will be prompted to provide only the basic details as shown in the below picture

  1. API Name - API Name which will be visible to the users once it is published.
  2. Base URL - This is an accessible URL for your api in the format as below {scheme}://{hostname}:{port}
  3. Description - Provide a brief description about the API like What it does, which service it provide, etc. Under this provide only the overview of the API, there is a detailed About section where you can explain about the prerequisites and other needed information in detail.
  4. Availability - It determines whether the published API should be made available to all the platform users or only to the collaborators.It has two values.

    • private - visible only to the collaborators.
    • public - visible to all. the platform users

    By default, it will be Private.

  5. Once all the details are entered, click on the Submit button. As soon as the API is submitted, it will change in to Update Mode where you can see the list of other details that needs to be provided for the API.

  6. We will go through in detail in each of these section.