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Adding Multiple Endpoints

If you have Swagger Spec file(JSON) for your API, then you can add multiple endpoints in one go.

First click on UPLOAD button and a dialog will be opened for you to add the details

  1. Version Number - Version of your API.
  2. Changes - You have two options and select any one according to your upload.
    • **Minor - Select this if this upload makes a minor change to your API
    • Major - Select this if this upload makes a major change to your API
  3. Yappes Version.
  4. Next - click on Next and then select the Swagger Spec file(JSON) of your API and upload it.
  5. Now you have successfully uploaded the endpoints and you can see all the endpoints you have uploaded.
  6. You can make the changes in each endpoints or delete it individually as mentioned in the previous section Add an Endpoint.
  7. Now we know creating endpoints individually and uploading it as a bulk.But we need to set the authentication for the APIs.Next we will see how to add authentication in detail.