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Yappes Dashboards

Yappes Dashboards provides the detailed and customizable Dashboard for analytics and monitoring purpose.Yappes plateform's Dashboard tab have the default Dashboard as Summary and other Dashboards like Application Logs,Gateway Logs and Gateway Error Details are present on Yappes portal and link is given under Dashboard tab to navigate Yappes portal to view and customize Dashboards.

Yappes has these Dashboards

  1. Summary:Contains crucial information about the performance and health of the APIs. The dashboard is a monitoring tool that displays HTTP status, Liveliness check, Throttling, RPS, and Latency. These metrics help identify APIs issues and to check performance. click on the link to view detailed information Summary.
  2. Application Logs :Dashboard consists of several panels that offer valuable insights into the performance of an application. Users can view the total number of logs generated during a selected time range, the number of errors that occurred during that time, and real-time logs as they happen. Additionally, the feature provides information on errors generated by each service within the on the link to view detailed information Application Logs.
  3. Gateway Logs Dashboard that records events and actions within the gateway. Total logs show the count of logs over a selected time, while count of logs displays error logs. Live gateway logs show real-time activity, and Errors Type shows the type of errors on the link to view detailed information Gateway Logs.
  4. Gateway Error Details : Provides type error generated within gateway according to selected time range.error are generated various bases example Authentication , Authorization and Throttle etc.Click on the link to view detailed information Gateway Error Details.

Next we will see in detail about Summary Dashboard.