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Gateway logs

Gateway Logs Dashboard that records events and actions within the gateway. Total logs show the count of logs over a selected time, while count of logs displays error logs. Live gateway logs show real-time activity, and Errors Type shows the type of errors generated.

  • To view the Gateway Logs dashboard over Yappes portal click on the link provided with name Click here to customize analytics dashboards
  • To get Gateway Logs dashboard in Yappes portal, user have to click on Dashboard icon, under Browse tab user will able see the Gateway Logs dashboard listed.
    • Gateway Logs : Provide a record of events and actions that occur within the gateway and to get the detailed information of particular panels, click on that particular pannel.
      1. Total logs :Provides total count of gateway logs generated over the filtered time range.
      2. Count of logs : Provides total count of gateway error logs generated over the filtered time range.By focusing on error logs, users can quickly identify and address any issues within the gateway that could impact the communication between systems.
      3. Live gateway logs : Displays the real-time logs of the gateway as they are generated. This panel provides users with a live stream of the gateway's activity
      4. Errors Type : provides users with the types of errors generated by the gateway.


Next we will see in detail about Gateway error details.