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Deprecate/Reactive Version

  • Click on the Deprecate button from the selected version row and the pop-up will be opened with deprecation details.
  • Select the Period (Hours, Days, Months) in which the version will be sunsetted or no longer accessible.Provide the value field with the corresponding numbers.
  • Once the operation is completed, corresponding response will be viewed in the pop-up.
  • If the API is successfully deprecated then "Reactivate" button will be visible under the Action column
  • If you click on the Reactivate button that specific version gets Reactivated.
  • Post reactivation, the specific version will available for applications to consume.Also the Deprecate button will be available for future actions.
  • For Each API update cycle, if the updation involves API design then application will automatically prompt for versioning with proper type as patch, minor or major

Next we will see in detail about Deprecate Multiple Version.