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Deprecate Multiple Version

  1. Multiple API versions can be deprecated from a single set of actions. Yappes platform provides depracate queries using which the bulk deprecation can be done. The queries are the combinations of logical operators (&&,>,<,=) and version numbers in semver format (x.y.z).
  2. Under Version tab, once the "Multiple Deprecation" button is clicked, it will prompt for the deprecation details.
  3. In the query window, it will support versions Query like following,
  4. Through this, you can deprecate multiple versions directly. For example already having the version like 1.0.0 and 0.1.0 If you want deprecate you can use the following ternary expressions ex: >=0.1.0&& <=1.0.0
  5. After clicking Deprecate button, if the query versions are proper then proper valid response will be displayed.
  6. All the versions can be deactivated based on the Query that is given. NOTE: Latest version cannot be deprecated until the API is fully decommissioned.

Next we will see in detail about viewing Decommissioning the API.