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Decommissioning The API

Yappes provides the ability for the users to completely decommission as API from usage.

  1. In the API details tab, Decommission API option will be available for the user.
  2. once you click the Decommission API, it will open up the pop-up modal to get additionla information about the process.
  3. From the Pop up you can give period as Hours, Day or Week. This data tells the platform to start decommission process after the provided period.
  4. After If you click Decommission Button it will decommission the API for the given period and then Reactivate API option will be enabled.
  5. If you click on the Reactivate API option, then confirmation dialog will be propmted with yes or no options. If you click "yes", then the API will be reactivated.
  6. Once the reactivation is done, Decommission API option will be availble for the user.

Next we will see the API Monitoring.