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My API Subscriptions

Yappes allows providers to look into the list of all the user subscription details for their APIs

Under this section we will see in detail, how to get the subscription details of their published APIs

To start with this, you first have to redirect to the My API Subscriptions view.

  • Click on Dashboard from the top menu. This will render the Dashboard view.
  • From the available group of options placed in the left corner of the screen, click on My API Subscriptions option. This renders the view to further seek subscription details.
  • You will now see the list of APIs that are published
  • To get subscription details for and API, click on View Users button of an API to you seek details on.
  • Finally, you are rendered with the list of users subscribed along with the related details, such as,
    • Plan Name
    • Plan Type
    • Subscription Status
    • Subscribed On
    • Deal Id

In the next section, we will see API Analytics - Providers.