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How to use environment variables in business logic?

Yappes provides support for accessing the environment configuration (Refer Section3.2) in your business logic.

It's been done through Yappes Object ypenv.

ypenv - The instance of this object provides a method by which user can access the environment configuration specific to the Endpoint environment details.


getEnvironmentDetails - User can take advantage of this feature by either initializing a variable to the "ypenv.getEnvironmentDetails();" or directly referring the environment variable "ypenv.getEnvironmentDetails().;".

getEnvironmentDetails Operation

        var reqPayload = yprequest.body;

        var reqParams = yprequest.params;

        /* Your Logic Goes Here */

        var env=ypenv.getEnvironmentDetails();
        //{"hello":"hello","world":" world"}

        ypresponse.body = env.hello+ypenv.getEnvironmentDetails().world; 
        //response will be "hello world"

        ypresponse.status = 200;