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Adding Logic

User can define Business Logic for their Endpoints.

The Logic can be written in Javascript supported by the Standard and Custom objects for implementation.

Users will have access to three set of Javascript Objects:

  • Standard Javacript Object
  • Loadash Javascript Objects
  • Yappes Custom Objects

Documentation for the above objects can be referred in the section Javascript Object Reference.

To handle logic, user must first open the logic view of the endpoint.

  1. Click on the Edit button of a particular endpoint that you need to add Logic. This by default, will render a view consisting existing endpoint details.
  2. Now, from the sub-menu, click on Logic button. This will render the logic view.

Add Logic

In this part, user are able to add custom logic, along specifying Remote Sources (if any) accordingly.

  1. On button click, logic editor will be rendered for the user with basic template. Add your business process as Custom logic in the logic editor accordingly.
  2. Once you have Added your custom logic, Click on Update button to save the changes.

In the next section, we will see about Documentation.