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 yappescli execute --apiname "apiname" --endpointname "endpointname" --run "remote/local" --config "config file path"

Description with options

EXECUTE - This command will run the code associated to the endpoint mentioned. "apiname" and "endpointname" is mandatory. if run and configs are not provided defaults will be taken.

Argument Description
apiname Respective API name for which the business logic needs to be executed.
endpointname Respective endpoint name corresponding to the api name mentioned should be passed to execute it.
run argument to run the endpoint in remote or local environment. (default:local)
config path to the file containing the configurations like yappes key,yappes environment,headers, body, query parameters etc.

'--run' will enable user to specify the environment ie. Local/Remote .

  • Local will let the user execute the local code with out connecting to remote yappes server.
  • Remote will take the configurations from the configuration file mentioned in the corresponding argument and run the code in remote server and send response.

EXECUTE Operation local

            yappescli execute --apiname "DemoApiName" --endpointname "demo1" --run "local" 
            ✓ Fetching the code ...
            ✓ Running the Local Code
            ✓ Execute command completed
            { body: 'Hello from Yappes',
              status: 200,
              headers: [ 'Content-Type': 'application/json' ] }

The moment user clones the api a file 'runtime_config' will be created in this path 'ypworkspace/api_name/test/' with the template required for remote call.

User can create their own config file but the absolute path must be passed at the run time


                "body": {},
                "queryParameters": {},
                "headers": {},
                "pathParameters": {},
                "yappesEnvironment": "",
                "yappesKey": ""

EXECUTE Operation remote

             yappescli execute --apiname "DemoApiName" --endpointname "demo1" --run "remote" --config "ypworkspace/DemoApiName/test/runtime_config.json" 
            ✓ Fetching remote details....
            ✓ Checking for status ....
            ✓ status command execution completed 
            ✓ passing the parameters
            ✓ Remote Code Running
            ✓ Execute command completed
            {"code":200,"status":"OK","data":{"message":"Custom Logic executed successfully","result":{"status":200,"body":"Hello from Yappes","headers":{"Content-Type":"application/json"}}}}

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