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 yappescli clone --apiname "apiname"

Descriptions with options

Argument Description
apiname API name created in the remote(, should be passed to clone it.

CLONE - clone command will enable users to create a workspace in their local setup for their API. Users can clone single api at a time and a whole ypworkspace folder structure will be created the moment clone command is executed. Please don't change the default settings file created as part of the clone process, as the file is used as base for the syncing, pull, status and deploy process.

CLONE Operation

            yappescli clone --apiname "DemoApiName"
            ✓ Fetching remote details....
            ✓ Summoning Files ....
            ✓ Updating Settings Files ....
            ✓ Clone command execution completed 
            Successfully Cloned the API  DemoApiName

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